News story that 'maybe' OCIs too frequent

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May 5, 2008
Here's the link. Of course there's a lot of lame superficial [censored] and sloppy reporting, but at least someone is trying to alert the public the 3000K OCI is a myth. Check out the last few lines from the Midas guy for a good laugh. What a load of [censored]. Reason #1 to avoid Midas.
It's been around... The Midas guy is simi-right Stations like that may only break even or even lose money on oil changes, but it brings customers in. Faaahkin midas (at least in my area - Binghamton NY) will always recommend bogus repairs. If I go there to do alignment or car inspection, they will say: Oh - your wipers should be changed, air filter too... blah blah blah... I keep up with maintenance and always decline, but once I blew up because they recommended brake job 3 weeks after I put 4 brand new rotors and brakes!!! My friend had the same "advice" from Midas, his brakes were fine too. Arrgghh... They are just as bad as Iffy-Lube. Worst part - mechanically incapable people will have to listen and trust them. Edit - sorry for semi-related rant.
Its good that word is getting around, but I still don't think 3k OCI's are a big deal. Waste of money? Sure, but its piece of mind to most people, and in these uncertain times, that can mean a lot. Waste of resources? I think this one is WAAAYYY overblown, b/c in almost all cases, I'd hope, the oil is recycled. Goes back into the stream and get a 'second life'.....
It's a drop in the bucket as far as conserving and the environment are concerned. California estimates that 10 millions of gallons of used oil are dumped on the ground or in drains yearly. But you have to start somewhere. I know it's trite, but every little bit helps. It's just a point of changing the public's mindset on OCIs. Over time, millions of gallons of oil will be saved and possibly not dumped in an irresponsible manner. 1 gallon of oil can contaminate a million gallons of water. BUt I still get a laugh at the level of ignorance about the most basic of service on your car--the OC--by the people who are professionals and should be the ones who should be educating people and not the other way around.
the story didn't point out what expensive repairs midas does when they don't change the oil every 3k miles
The real moral of the story and most like this is to find a good local shop, non-chain that you deal with the owner all or most of the time. They may not be the cheapest but there sure is peace of mind when dealing with someone who you know will be fair and honest with you. Someone who will remember you, knows your cars history, and if anything should go wrong will make it right for you. In my opinion this will take away about 90% of the anxiety of vehicle ownership.
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the story didn't point out what expensive repairs midas does when they don't change the oil every 3k miles
Huh ? Explain .
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