Newer Kia Sedona question.

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Aug 20, 2003
Well my friend now has a kia sedona i think its a 2005 it might be a 2004.
I have 2 questions
1. Where the heck do you find the crush washer at?
Is this dealer only.. and if so can you get one
at a different dealer ex. a hyundai dealer?

2. How hard is it to drain and fill the transmission
is it the simple drain plug then refill?

Thanks for any advice on this vehicle.

I already have oil and filters for 3 changes.

Oh and what Transmission fluid does it use
the Kia-Hyundai-Mitsu stuff?
I'm assuming you're talking about the engine oil drain plug and washer here....the crush washer should be available at any Kia dealer. Also if you have the opportunity, take the drain plug to Auto Zone or Pep Boys and have them match a size for you, if that is more convenient for you than going to a dealership.

If you're going to change your auto tranny fluid, drop the pan, change the filter, put the pan on with a new gasket and refill with whatever fluid Kia recommends.
Transmission might be a pan only, or a plug, not sure. But correct fluid is SPIII, and is avaliable at Kia or Hyundai dealers. Amsoil makes an aftermarket synthetic version, but is unlicensed.
If the Sedona's AT follows Hyudnai's general transverse layout, it uses a split case design - NO fluid pan*. There's a large hexhead drain plug screwed directly into the bottom of the aluminum case. Your friend will need a 1/2" drive 15/16" or 24 mm 6 point socket and a breaker bar. (And maybe a foot and a half of 3/4" pipe for leverage. The drain plug will be on tight.) Add Mitsubishi to the list of dealers to call around to for pricing on SP III ATF. Go with whoever has it cheapest - the Hyundai and KIA flavors are licensed directly through Mitsubishi. If your friend's Sedona is 4WD, check the owner's manual for instructions on draining the X-fer case. You can also access most of the KIA Shop Manual contents for most model years at the KIA TechInfo website.

*Actually there's a vertical valve body cover, but you won't be getting into that, and it's located too high up to drain the ATF anyway. The fill tube that holds the trannie dipstick is also welded to that pressed metal cover.
Thanks for the help finally getting around to doing this. I didnt mention while the "Friend"
has this minivan.. I got stuck doing the work as
a favor.. ugh. Of course he changes the oil about
once a decade too.
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