Newbie using Saab Turbo Oil 0W30 with an OCI Question

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Jun 17, 2004
Manassas, VA
Hi All - I've actually been watching this Board for several months, learning alot and enjoying the informational resources provided by the members of this Board and its sponsors. I've been using Saab Turbo Oil (full synthetic, not the blend) in 0W30 for almost all of the 50,000 miles on my normally-aspirated Saab. People tell me it's overkill, but I figure that spending the extra money and being religious about the OCIs (every 5,000 miles or less) will eventually pay off with a 400K+ mile car, which is what I'm aiming for. Unfortunately, Saab will no longer be importing this oil into the States, so I am going to be forced to make a switch at some point. My question is this - should I even bother to do a UOA (it would be the first for this vehicle) prior to switching oils, or should I just go ahead and switch, and then get the first UOA from the 2nd batch of new oil that I put in the car? Thanks in advance for your help.
Definitely do a UOA, that will give you a point of comparison when you switch oils. Ok, here is an example, lets say you switch to brand x and then you do a UOA, you wont know how good it is compared to your old saab turbo oil! [Wink] so i would definitely do the UOA on the saab oil, just as a base for comparison in the future. Why are they no longer importing it to the US? I heard its a pretty good oil [Frown]
Do a UOA and establish a base line before you switch. Also UOA will hopefully find that your water/antifreeze and gas dilution are within spec limits.
Doesn't Saab use this oil for 18-22k intervals in a turbo? How about 6 month intervals for you?
I have used GC in last oil change on my 1994 N/A 2.3L Saab 900. It runs really smooth, and the car seems to run better (for what that is worth). Used to use M1 10W-30.
Thanks to all - I will be taking your advice and performing my first UOA when I have my next OCI in 1500 miles (given the rate that I put mileage on the car, that'll be the end of the month of June!) Regarding replacement oil, I've already picked up 5 quarts of GC (based on everything I've been reading on this Board, I started searching for it several months ago) so that'll be the next oil to go into my 1996 Saab 900S N/A 2.3 liter. However, GC has been VERY hard to find, so I'll have to switch to something else after that, run through 2 oil changes, and perform my next UOA. Thanks for all the help!
Originally posted by Audi Junkie: Doesn't Saab use this oil for 18-22k intervals in a turbo? How about 6 month intervals for you?
I'm a CPA by trade, whch means that I'm far too conservative to "take a walk on the wild side" of long oil change intervals! I don't mind spending a little extra for a better product (like a Group V synthetic) and using the same OCIs as called for by my owner's manual (which, in 1996, called for 5,000 miles using regular dino oil.)
Originally posted by cweed: Why are they no longer importing it to the US? I heard its a pretty good oil [Frown] [/QB]
I was told that it is priced too high, so that people having their oil changed at the dealerships and arriving with their own Mobil 1 instead of purchasing the Saab Turbo Oil 0W30. Price at my dealer: $25 per 4 liter jug (4.1 quarts)
Hmm, not that much more than your otc synthetic.... if i owned a saab, i'd probably go with it if it shows good results....
I paid $3.75/ltr for Saab Full Synth 0w-30 and have a few jugs still. It is supposed to be on sale. Why not stock up? PS you can extend to 6 month intervals, just crunch the numbers! [Wink]
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