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Jun 13, 2004
SF Bay Area
How bad is Valvoline Syn?? I got them from PepBoys with the rebate and I just got the check from them. But I heard that Valvoline is not a good oil, is it only to their syn or dino, or both? I have been a Mobil 1 user for many years but I cant resist the free oil.......
Welcome BigJason. While Synpower may not be everyone's first choice for oil, it's still a good oil, especially free. There are several of us on here that did exactly what you did, free oil is too good to pass up. While M1 is my preference, I wont' hesitate to put the Synpower in when I do my next oil change. Enjoy~! [Cheers!]
[Welcome!] In a GM 3800: Valvoline All Climate (Group I/II?) - 5000 mi OCI Mobil 1 10W30 (Group IV/V) - 10,000 mi OCI Valvoline SynPower (Group III) - 7500 mi OCI Just my opinion. That and a buck will buy you a cup of coffee. Gene
Thanks guys, I just did my oil change yesterday at 7,700 miles on my 04 Honda Accord(did a dino GTX at 3,750), doesn't run better or worst, both noise wise and smooth wise, I guess the engine is too new to note any difference. I am planning to do the 7.5K miles OCI on this one. I think I may do a oil test by then. My sis in law bought an Element at the same day and she has 12,500 miles on it with factory oil in it. I've asked her to change the oil at 7.5k miles but she seems like she doesn't care. I am going to see how that engie compare to my engine, they are both K24A. It will be a good indicator of how bad will an engine be ruined by "prolong" OCI, lol.
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