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Mar 9, 2003
rural Alaska
I just found this site tonight. Great Site! I did a search and didn't find much on Valvoline dino oils. Here is my question: I have been using Valvoline oils in the Toyota trucks I have owned for about 6 years. I have always done well with them. Are they inferior and if so, enough to change to something else? I see there are a lot of Mobil fans on here and I have heard good things about Mobil other places. Is it worth it to switch? I talked to the mechanics at the dealership and they recommended Valvoline. Can anyone enlighten me at all? I don't know much about oils and I want to be putting the best at a reasonable cost in my truck. Does anyone know anything about the Valvoline Long Life oil? Thanks in advance for your time and patience. [Smile]
You won't find many Valvoline fans on here. When you look at the composition of their oils, the additive package is pretty weak. For one, they don't use moly, a great antiwear additive that most others have begun to use. They also don't contain much in the way of detergents either.
Take a look at the oil analysis section and the comments will help you to decide. I think in general Castrol and Especially Chevron Supreme seem to do really well.Neither the Valvoline or Mobil Drive clean are worth writing home about (IMH). I assume you are not interested in synthetice? (Mobil 1/Amsoil) Also you can check out the Shaeffers Supreme (see the add at the top) [Welcome!] [ March 10, 2003, 09:26 AM: Message edited by: Al ]
The only reason that I am not interested in synthetics is because I just bought an 89 4Runner with 130k. I've heard that switching to synthetics can be bad at higher mileage because it can break deposits loose in the engine. Thanks for your advice. I'll start doing some more reading and searching to find something that will protect my engine better. So what's the difference between Mobil and Mobil 1? Is one dino oil and one syn? Thanks again.
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