New Zealand car sales figures for 2017.

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Jul 26, 2003
New Zealand
We've got the break down of last years sales, so I thought other countries might like to see how it stacks up. Ignore the figures, they are only relavent to NZ. The likes of the no show in the US of Mitsubishi, and of how popular Honda are...totally different here. Holden is GM, mainly rebadged Opel and Daewoo. Photo from a magazine, so excuse the quality. Vehicle break down. Top five.. We also import as many or more JDI's as cars sold new. Here are the top selling imports. Check out the swift - 2,400 sold new, 6,900 imported used. Motorcycles too.
Well the Ranger is the top selling vehicle in the country, but they need more than that. Mazda are No2 - but if you look at the imports, they would be the most popular car in the country. Demio = Mazda 2, Axela = Mazda 3, Atenza = Mazda 6.
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Do they still make the Commadore?
it's listed, second table, under Large, Commodore comes in as #1, with HSV (performance Commodore) as #3. But no, they don't still make it, or the Ford Falcon.....sniff frown
Wow. Toyota owns New Zealand like it does most countries. It is amazing how different makes are more popular than others depending on region. I thought Honda would do better.
Toyota seems better at market segmentation. The right size offerings for the perceived needs ... Honda prolly does not have much in the way of pick-ups. and that seems to be where it all starts ... Sedans are a secondary market, just like here.
The 2018 Toyota Hilux looks cool. If better with the obligatory machine gun in the back for the Middle East versions.
My daughter lives in NZ and about 9 months ago she bought a used '06/'07 Toyota Belta that was apparently fresh off the boat from Japan. Had super low miles (sorry, kilometers), looked brand new and a really low price. Her boyfriend has a '16 Ranger crew cab with a diesel and that truck is really nice. I saw a ton of Rangers in NZ and only 1 full sized Dodge Ram the last time I visited.
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H-D in Australia. Heart warming
They do have Harleys in Australia, but the Harley dealership in the city closest to me has just won Dealer of the Year for Australisia...that's New Zealand and our closest island to the west combined. Here's a break down of models, so Harley certainly doing well.
There were 160,000 new cars sold last year, and 178,685 used imports - so you can see how much we rely on imports, and how our fleet is radically different from most countries. Here's a breakdown of new and imports per segment - there are more imports in the car range, nearly all MPV's are imports, and nearly all utes are sold here new. Imports are usually 7 years old, but the age has been creeping up, so they are making noiese about etc.
I don't know what's unusual these days, they are just cars on our roads. Sometimes you don't even know, like that Outlander might be NZ new, or it could be an import.
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