New Wrangler

The suffering of 🥶🥶🥶🥶 New England winter driving is all but a fleeting memory once the sun comes out, mud season has dried up, and that soft top is off!! Enjoy!
Wow..Just took a look at the MSRP's on these models. $70k for the V8 Wrangler..:oops:

I always wanted one of these 4-door models. Just can't justify it. Perhaps if I were single, and had a German Shepherd, and....
Just turned 15K on my 2017 Rubicon, actually drive it more than my other vehicles. Have fun.
overpriced + underperforming BUT i like them + would never buy one ,BIT i was hoping the Gladiator with 2 doors + a decent box would be offered, BUT NOT so my $$$$$ is safe!!
Is it ever going to go out in the dirt?
Sand; it will live on Cape Cod where there are some short but decent off road trails (very secret) and passes are available for some of the beaches. We like a place; Sandy Neck...great place for ORV's.

snapped this a few years ago;


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Nice! Like my fellow Kentuckian the late David E. Davis Jr., I believe that every well-rounded enthusiast’s collection should have a Wrangler in it.