New Wheeler Dealer

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Mar 16, 2014
Twin Cities MN USA
Looking through older posts I ran across a thread on the upcoming Wheeler Dealer with Ant replacing Edd. After seeing several new episodes, I think some of the posts on Velocity taking away the uniqueness of the show came true. Ant is ok, but seems as over caffeinated as Mike. The biggest change to the format is the mechanical segments skip over a lot more of the wrenching. Like a lot of other shows, we see the start of a bit, a commercial break, and come back to find the work is done. I really liked the in depth segments of the old show.
Agreed. Ed China was hard to beat. So far Iron Resurection has been pretty cool as they show a lot of the repairs / fabrications actually being done. FantomWorks is ok too about showing how it’s done.
For some odd reason all the European shows that got moved to the US lost their appeal, like Top Gear/ Grand Tour and Wheeler Dealers hide
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