New Valvoline motor oil?

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Mar 5, 2003
I recently saw some Valvoline motor oil at a Checker Store that is labeled as being New Formula. Apparently an improved Valvoline motor oil over what they had not so long ago. I don't know how long it has been out-maybe quite a while, but I have not noticed it until now.

An VOAs or UOAs on this oil?
Valvoline may be coming out with products labeled "NASCAR" oil, oil filters, brake fluid, etc. I was involved in a research study on this. I can thank BITOG for actually being able to give intelligent responses on what I liked and didn't like. Example: "Why would you not purchase our advanced oil filter?" Because you don't give the beta efficiency, filter capacity, pressure drop at full flow, materials of construction, etc. for me to make a good decision.
As an FYI, Valvoline All Climate bottles have been labeled as "New Formula" ever since the SL version hit the shelves a long while ago now. Not exactly "new" these days.
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