New USA 0W30 Castrol ( AC ???)

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Mar 24, 2006
Punta Gorda, Florida
I was in an Auto Zone about a week ago, saw "New Euro Formula SYNtec 0W30 made in USA. I did not buy any, but instead e-mailed Castrol Consumer Relations. I stated that the German Castrol carried a lot of respect on various web sites, but the USA made Syn was a different story... and what was the formulation of the new American made 0w30 The reply "You can rest assured that Castrol SYNTEC 0w-30 available in North America, is the exact same product as Castrol SYNTEC 0w-30 manufactured in Germany" Consumer Relations Castrol North America So... do we now have AC (American Castrol)???
Is the bottle the weird semi-square shape as opposed to the wide but thin regular Syntec bottles? The newest 0W-30 (it is Gold) I've seen is in these weird shaped bottles and I swear it said it was made in Germany on the back. I assume you read it correctly so this means I'm going to have to test yet another version of Syntec 0W-30 to find out if there's been a significant change in basestocks from the Gold GC (truly made in Germany). What specs are listed on the label? If MB 229.5 is still included as it was with Gold GC it's definately great stuff but I want to know more info than "it's great stuff", hence my reason for more testing. I don't put much faith in Customer Service Depts of oil makers.
GC could be a victim of its own success. Initially, Castrol no doubt determined that Syntec 0w30 would sell in such limited quantities that it was more cost efficient to import it from Germany. Now they may have decided it's more cost efficient to blend it here in the US. There would be no reason that they could not blend the exact same formula in the US that's made in Germany.
Jag, Castrol now has the 0w-30 on thier web site. I did take a look, it shows passing the 229.5 that you asked. As far as I can remember, the bottle looked just like the rest of the SYNTEC bottles except for a red banner that said new Euro formula
If it says "New Euro Formula" on the bottle, then it is new. I agree, there shouldn't be a reason to distrust the new American blend. And the most important part: what color is it? [Big Grin]
This is the third or fourth time we have heard that GC is now blended in the far that has never proven to be the case...but there is a first time for everything and maybe, <b>007008</b>, you have come across the first of a new breed. (The Elves had not warned me about this so it comes as a mild surprise.) It would be nice if you could get are saying the "Euro Formula" banner is now red, not yellow any longer? TNX
SAE 0W-30: Castrol SYNTEC 0W-30 European Formula is engineered to meet the Mercedes Benz 229.5 specification. The 0W-30 viscosity grade is ideal for winter conditions where low temperature pumpability is required. A unique, low-temperature formulation provides exceptional pumpability in cold weather and allows for unaided engine starts down to -40°F. Exceeds all car and light truck manufacturer's warranty requirements for the protection of gasoline, diesel and turbocharged engines where API SL, SJ, SH, CF or CD is recommended. Exceeds European ACEA: A3, B3, B4; VW 502 00, 505 00, 503 01; MB 229.1, 229.3, 229.5; BMW LL-01; GM-LL-A-025, GM-LL-B-025 and the engine protection requirements of ILSAC GF-3 for API Certified Gasoline Engine Oils. Spec sheet. No bottle pictures on the site.
Why ? why ? why ? would they mess with this? i have just come to love the german elixer. it has given me so much farfernugen! now they got me freakinfartin. i am going to get a stash before it is to late. Pscholte, as our leader you must do something! [HAIL 2 U!]
have fun!!! everybody thought I was a little funny buying all the M1 SL 0/5w30 when it was replaced with SM.(gots 175qts+) well after Katrina and the price increases I'm sitting cheap!! (got most of it with PepBoys buy3/get3free deal) Let see 60+ FL400s MC filters/17 Purolater Airfilters/10 Goodyear VivaIIs/5+gal Lucas UCL/175+ qts of oil--I think I'm good for awhile, Oh almost forgot, the extra 01 Suzuki Swift to go along with the 98 Swift! 43-45MPG EACH and HAPPY!!!!!
Perhaps the Elves finally got their visa applications approved? As long as the base stock is PAO and the additive is still good, I'll use it. I agree it's time to fund yet another analysis.
Originally posted by eddyzima: Pscholte, as our leader you must do something! [HAIL 2 U!]
I'm thinkin', guys, I'm thinkin'...I've already told Az (before all this "broke") that GC is what keeps me coming back to their stores...the Elves aren't talking about it...
Originally posted by akuska: I agree it's time to fund yet another analysis.
G-Man, A US version would be different than a German version. With all this hoopla about illegal immigration going on, the elves are a little skittish about coming over here. They don't speak English, you know. That's why I have to rely on pscholte to translate. And if the elves don't brew it, it just wouldn't be the same. Pscholte, How's the English lessons with the elves? I have some GC M060446 with a yellow "European Formula" banner, and it says made in Germany. I haven't opened the actual bottles to sniff them because I wouldn't want my oil to go stale [Smile] Dave
A US version <i>could</i> be different, but that doesn't me it <i>would</i> be different. There is no reason Castrol couldn't have the exact same formula blended in the US.
Originally posted by Dave H: Pscholte, How's the English lessons with the elves? Dave
Dave, As you can tell from the oil they have brewed, the Elves are very bright. They can understand more English than they let on...but they keep insisting, "Herr Scholte [I just cannot get them to call me by my first name], zee charm ist diminished if vee go zounding too much like Amerikanisch Jungen!"
I've felt for a long time that we have been fortunate that the economic equation has been working--in whatever form--in our favor to induce Castrol to import BC and GC. We have been getting oil that runs $21 a litre in Europe for $4-5. Now I realize that a lot of that delta is taxes, but the fact remains if "Ausland" were the only place to find it, we'd have to pay the big bucks if we REALLY wanted that oil.
As others have pointed out, there's no reason why they couldn't make the same synthetic oil here as they do in Germany. As long as it's PAO and they didn't mess with the additive pack, then who cares if the "Elves" have moved across the Atlantic? Of course, given that we are dealing with BP, who went to court to get Group III declared synthetic, we should verify this by funding another analysis.
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