New Toyota 4.7 V8, at what mileage change to Synthetic oil

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Aug 15, 2003
Ponte Vedra Beach Florida
Did dino change with Castrol GTX dino at 1700 miles. Would you recommend going to a good synthetic with 5K mile OCI at 5K miles or should I do more 3K mile dino changes before I switch? What synthetic does well in Toyotas 4.7 V8?
Thanks I've done searches but did not answer my question.
It is ok for you to change over when you next change the oil. Their is realy no need to do any long break in cycle before switching over!
I agree and disagree with the above opinions. Sorry to waffle on the issue unlike a certain unnamed political actors right now *lol*

Mobil 1 big technical guide and FAQ book (available at most dealers) says the specifically recommend 6-9,000 break in miles before change over to there product.

Mobil 1 specific reasoning were that the properties of the oil inhibited proper break in wear.

Please find this FAQ book and read up.

A tangent question I ask is that Mercedes, Viper, Corvettes, etc...are the bench test fired with Mobil 1 or some factory dino stuff prior to final assembly/delivery? That may shed the best light toward answering this question.

Not that changing over early will hurt you at all, I just enjoy the peice of mind knowing everything is seating early and all *lol*
I changed out the factory oil at 300 miles and went with a top line synthetic 5w-30 oil and their filters. Never had a bit of trouble out of the engine and it is fixing to click over to 78K miles in the about 5-7 miles from now.
I changed mine on the Tacoma at 1900 miles and went straight to synth. The first synth batch was changed at 3500 on the synth and 5400 on the motor. I now change it 6 months or 7500 miles whichever comes first.

-2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner XtraCab, 2.7 Liter , Mobil1 Synthetic SS 5W-30.
ODO 8700 Miles.
-1995 Toyota 4-Runner 3.0 V6, Mobil1 Synthetic SS 10W-30.
ODO 85500 Miles.
No brands of oils seem to either be better than expected or worse than expected in the Toyota V-8. I like Schaeffer's synthetic blend, and they're close to you with their headquarters in St. Louis. Mobil 1 is always excellent. Castrol Syntec is better than many folks expect.

In your case, I'd use 10W-30, install at 5,000 miles, and change every 7500 miles. I like Toyota filters, also Purolator Pure One, and most of the usual brands except Fram, of course.

Thanks guys I guess I will go with synthetic at the 5000 mile change. I'm letting the dealer handle the service on this vehicle since I am under warranty and I want one point of focus if anything goes wrong plus I'm old and I'm tired of crawling under vehicles. I am very impressed with the dealers service and the job they did on the first change. All fluids were checked and topped off, they do a 27 pt check that covers all of the warranty requirements and the oil was filled to the top mark and no higher. The filter was etched with the date of the oil/filter change (nice touch). I have never had an oil change interval beyond 5000 miles in any vehicle I've owned, just don't think I can leave it in that long. The Dealer uses Castrol oil so I will use the Castrol Syntec at the 5K OCI.
Just bring in the Mobil 1 and run it to 7500 miles. Make sure you watch them actually pour it in the crankcase. The Syntec is a blend and overpriced.

Originally posted by Amkeer:
Just bring in the Mobil 1 and run it to 7500 miles. Make sure you watch them actually pour it in the crankcase. The Syntec is a blend and overpriced.

I hear you, that is the key watching them put it in. Castrol has 3 types the GTX dino, the semi synthetic, and then the Syntec which is the full synthetic (not as good as Mobil 1). I should just have it done at my neighbors shop where I can stand there with the guy and watch everything get done. I think I'm over thinking this, it is just a oil/filter change, and my concern is keeping the warranty intact and my engine in good shape while I own the vehicle which will be around 90K miles.
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