New to us Sienna

May 31, 2015
Just traded in our 2013 Ford Explorer Base with 120k miles for this 2010 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited with 88k miles due to our growing family. The Sienna is so clean and only one owner. There is so much more room. I love driving it!


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We have a '10 LE that's been a fantastic vehicle for us. It was passed down to 4th vehicle status this summer (but is still daily driven) when my mom picked up a '17 (because we loved the '10 that much, and found a 3-year-old '17 with just 7k miles on it). Ours sits at 225k, and has cost us essentially nothing in unscheduled repairs (just a VVT repair at 100k; I think that was $400 or so, and an interior door handle), plus tires (which it does burn through quickly), brake pads, and a couple batteries and air filters, plus a free radio under warranty due to a stuck cd, and an a/c recharge once. Still has its original coolant, ATF, and brake fluid, and all original suspension parts (shocks/struts/tie rods, etc). No rust, even in MN where much of the competition has started to rot out. And it still gets the same reliable 23-25 hwy mpg as when new - for that matter, the van feels darn good for having nearly a quarter million miles on it (no real wear on anything - buttons aren't peeling, cloth seats have essentially no wear, no cracked dash or ABS/airbag lights on, that sort of thing). I really couldn't be happier with it.

As JRed said, it's hard to beat the utility of a van. We've moved a full-size hide-a-bed sofa in ours with the door closed, as well as lawn mowers and the like countless times, and have logged tons of road trip mileage with five people and often a dog in a crate, plus coolers and luggage. I believe ours has been to 39/50 states, which does speak to its capability as a serious road trip machine. And, oh, ours is the same Silver Pine Mica color. It's unique and stands out in a parking lot. I think you'll be very happy with your Sienna! It really does drive like a long Camry - very easy to drive, particularly for its cavernous interior dimensions.

This was taken a year and a half ago, but it's sitting around 225k now (climbing more slowly).
Nice. My youngest brother & his herd have a '16 or '17. Definitely the right vehicle for them. Hope he treats it better than his 08 Taurus. No idea on anything with them though as they're MIA until they need something immediately 😂😬