New to me Stihl FS 111 R - advice?

Jun 9, 2003
Sequim, WA
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That makes it even more important to run the Stihl Ultra. It was specifically formulated to minimize valve deposits in these engines. Ed
Why? Is there any "higher" standard than JASO FD/ API TC+ TiSi ISO L-EGD etc...?
No, those, including FD are the highest ratings currently. Exactly what in those specifications specifically addresses the formation of valve deposits in a four stroke engine? wink Ultra is "only" FB rated, yet is known to be one of the cleanest running two stroke oils available, outperforming many FD rated oils. FB, FC, and FD have the same lubricity requirements. FC and FD add cleanliness requirements. It would appear that it is more complicated that just having an FD rating. I can't seem to locate the white paper that I saw that this bit of marketing is based. It shows the FB rated Ultra cleaning better than their FD rated Super. (will download a pdf). Valve deposits that lead to valve sticking is a thing with this technology in both Stihl OPE and model airplane applications. It's not the place to cheap out on oil. My research when looking into what oil for my Saito four stroke gasoline engines and the more traditional two stroke gas model airplane engines lead to a virtual tie between Stihl Ultra, Redline Racing, and Red Armor when it came to wear and cleanliness in a traditional two stroke. Stihl's blending of the Ultra to address the specific issues concerning their four stroke engines tipped it to be the choice for the one two stroke oil to have on hand for all of my OPE and model engines. Ed
Feb 9, 2015
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2 things...... Jaso FB......and at the same time also API TC/TC+......they got you on a marketing...... 80% biodegradable (in 21 days)........I am sure that this is ester based oil..... Yes we are on has to be a miracle no other ester based 2 stroke oil ( Motul 800, Ipone Samurai,....) They all claim the same...
Very high lubricating properties which decrease friction and wear. Keeps engines and exhaust power valves always well lubricated. Prevents piston rings and exhaust power valves from sticking
Jun 12, 2005
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I use Amsoil Saber and a home brew non ethanol fuel. I take93 octane and add 32 oz of water to the gas. Water and ethanol mix together but water and gas doesn't. Drain the water and your left with pure gas. Done this for almost 2 years and my Sthil loves it. I do add some octane booster since the 93 turns into roughly 90 octane afterwards.
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