New to me, 2017 Mazda 6 2.5L oil choice

Aug 24, 2011
Picked up this little 2017 Mazda6 NA 2.5L Touring on Monday, 30K mi on the clock, records of maintenance and quick lube ever 6mo/5k mi are there. A few scratches here and there but hey, its used and was a pretty grreat deal.

So, in the past I've owned one Mazda. A 2005 Ford Ranger 2.3L (its a mazda, fight me) and it was not picky at all. 5w20 was recommended but it ran everything from 0w20 to 20w50 in Florida, it was and still is a Mule.

On to this car, The OM in this car states 0w20 in the US. 5w30 in Mexico. Its out of warranty, and itll probably be getting some M1 Truck and Suv 0w20 in the coming weeks as I have a whole lot of it from Tractor Supply (and have zero receipts to track and use in the Titan, which is still under warranty), but since were all here to talk about oil, lets do that.

In my experience of owning and knowing owners of Mazdas, theyre kinda overbuilt engines. I mean, that Ranger that I mentioned is hitting 400k mi atm with my dad. I know many 3 owners and 323/626 owners rocking 200k+ miles as well.
I live in Texas. Close enough to Mexico to warrant 5w30, and ill probably use it after I use up stock of 0w20 butttt
is there a reason for the differences in country viscosities other than CAFE? Availability? I see the US models have a lower compression?

Its a neat little car. Midsize and my 6ft 1 220 lb self can fit comfortably in the back. Plus no CVT, that my friends was the main selling point.


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Look good! Congrats!
Thank ya, its a fun little thing to drive.

I think your oil choices are just fine.
I do too. I have no issues running 0w20 in anything that specs it. But I was curious as I know in my past their 2.3 didnt really care, and then this has like 3 different choices depending on country. More than likely the next 2 ocs will be M1 T&S 0w20, and random Hastings filters that I have that fit. After that who knows.

Question to all as well. OM states Mazda or Castrol. Im gonna go on a limb and say Mazda is blended by Castol/BP?
is there a reason for the differences in country viscosities other than CAFE? Availability? I see the US models have a lower compression?
5w-30 is spec'd in Mexico because it is cheaper and easier to locate. Has nothing to do with temperature. And your 2005 Ranger is a Ford designed and built truck for Mazda.
I ran 0w-20 & 5w-30 in mine, in WI. No change in mileage or feel.
Find a European manual for it, the engine can run xx-20 all the way to 20w50. It’s not picky.
Same color as my dad's 2014 6. He loves it. No oil leaks or consumption that I know of. He sticks with 0w20, but any 0w20, 5w20 or 5w30 will treat these 2.5 engines just fine.
We have a 2015 Mazda 6 and it has been trouble free. It was a CPO from the dealer with 30k on it when we bought it. It now has 92k miles. I run 5W-30 at 10k mile intervals here in San Antonio, Texas. Your choices are great, but once the 5W20 is used up, I would switch to your favorite 5W30 Full Syn. I have used Castrol and Valvoline mostly. Now leaks, no oil consumption. Gets 28-30 MPG on the highway and is our preferred road trip car. Mazda makes great vehicles. This is our fifth.
We are on our 2nd CX-5 with that engine (although the 2020 is turbo) and both do run through a quart or so in 5k miles (I did my best to seat the rings). Just sharing. Love the Mazdas and that engine, though.