New to me 2009 Silverado fluid change

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Jun 20, 2011
SE Ohio
Picked up an 09 Silverado 4x4 with the 4.8 as a spare vehicle for snow, etc. It has 97k on it and I will only put around 5k or so a year. I'm going to change out all the fluids. Power steering - Maxlife Front and Rear Axles - Mobil 1 75w90 $10 a quart on amazon Trans - First i'll suck out the pan and do a fill, wait a few thousand then do a pan drop and filter change Transfer case - drain and fill Both the trans and transfer case call for DEX6. I found on amazon a case of regular mobil for $80. Walmart has their quarts of Supertech DEX6 for $4.26. Will the supertech do as well as the mobil (not mobil1)?
If the Supertech Dex6 is like Supertech ATF+4, then it's as good as the dealer or any other brand. It has to be an exact formulation to get the approval. I'd run it if that's the case.
The Super Tech Dexron VI is officially licensed and formally approved by GM, so it is perfectly ok to use it in your transmission with no problems smile If your transmission doesn't have a drain plug, consider an aftermarket pan like Dorman that has one. It will make future ATF changes much easier.
Super tech Dex 6 is good for your trans. Use it without hesitation . Maxlife in the power steering?
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Supertech Dexron VI is a good trans oil. Working good in my GM transmissions. Very smooth shifts versus the Pennzoil Dexron III I had in there.
Everything looks good. Buy a $10 drain plug kit and install it in your trans pan while it's off. Makes it much easier for future changes. Maxlife has a power steering version too. I am running it in mine.
You can also use Maxlife LV ATF as well that will cost about the same as supertech when bought by the gallon. In my 08 i change the transfer case once a year. Differentials every 40k with synpower 75w90 or castrol synthetic 75w90. ATF pan drop happened at 25k. I flushed via the trans cooler line at 60k and replaced all trans fluis with maxlife LV FS ATF. Oil changes every 5-7k with on sale Synthetics. Congrats on the truck! Do you have the 4L60E trans or the 6L80? I believe the service life on the trans filter is 100k max on a 4L60E. If i were you i would drop and clean the pan, replace the filter and refill. After that i would replace the fluid via the trans cooler line so all 12 quarts are fresh.
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I'm pretty sure all 4.8s came with the 4L60E until like what, 2011? 2012? idk...
Thanks guys, yes it has the 4L60E. While grabbing some wiper blades at Advance I seen they had the Carquest DEX6 that is labeled a full syn for 2 for 10. So I picked up a case. The Castrol next to it was labeled as a blend for $7. So I figured $5 a quart was a pretty good deal.
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