New Tires needed: looking at Michelin Commander II

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I've not used them on my bike (Harley Road King), but I was out riding last weekend and while I was at some of the hangouts I couldn't believe how many bikes had the Commander II's, I bet more than the Dunlops. They seem to get good reviews on the internet forums too. May be dependent on the application, idk much about your Vulcan specifically but they seem to get alot of good reviews in general for touring rigs. I'm stuck on the the Dunlop American Elites, they just plain work for me in every way, but the Commander II's sure do seem to get alot of attention.
I have run them on my Roadglide but still prefer my Dunlop American Elites. The ride quality I believe is just a little better as well as wet traction. You'll get good mileage from either so it's kind of a toss up. The American Elites are made in the USA which is a big plus when I'm deciding.
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Anyone on here running them? Thoughts?

You dont say for what bike. The Kawi?

Anyway, never ran them, never will.
They last a long time on metric bikes but seem to have their share of issues, more or less seems to be some kind of compromise in getting the tires to last as long as they do on metric bikes, which we know eat tires like a kid eats popcorn in a movie theater and some report good results on metrics with them, others get weird vibrations etc.
Its all in the forums.

For my current Harley, I actually am very happy with the HD branded tires (dunlops) and no reason to switch. Now over 20,000 miles on the front tire. I did replace the back tire at around 14,000 miles, seemed to be getting time, also was getting slight cupping.
With this type of mileage, no reason for me to switch, I also have much faith in these tires after a harrowing 2up trip to Myrtle Beach with my wife 2 summers ago, rode through FIVE hours of rain, heavy wind and thunderstorms, maybe even a funnel cloud, mostly all fast moving interstate type roads no less.
I didnt plan it, we left home early afternoon, and it just seemed the storms were forming the entire trip, never got past them, forming as we rode, we kept thinking, we are almost past it but we never got past the storms..
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You dont say for what bike. The Kawi?

Yes, my Kawasaki cruiser
Yeah, I guess I would consider the Commander II,
I was a hold out on trying them with my Yami and liked the Pirelli Scorpion if I remember correctly. Maybe I never wanted too because I wanted an exact factory fit size and at the time Commander didnt have the exact size, even though the size everyone was using fit fine.

Then there was a harmonic vibration issue for some and thought to myself I didnt want to bother with that stuff just for the sake of more mileage. Also was some question on wet road performance as the mileage wore on.

Even though I absolutely avoid riding in rain, I do get stuck at times because I dont let the threat of rain or a thunderstorm stop me from what I am doing. Granted the Myrtle beach trip I posted above is something I never wish to repeat again.
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