New tires for an 04 altima

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Aug 3, 2004
I'm going to be needing new tires before I know it, so wanted some opinions. I think the stock wheels on my altima limit my choices a lot, it's the 3.5 SE if anyone's curious. Anyway, as many miles as I drive, good treadwear is a must, so is wet/snow traction. Any help at all would be appreciated.
I would order the avon tech m550 a/s for the car from the tirerack and have someone put them on. Your car probabally came with a touring all-season tire on it. If you have a 17"+ wheel size you will be hard pressed to find a tire with one of the super high treadwear ratings on it. The tirerack is a good source for tire info.
Those would be great, the Goodyears that is, but they don't make one that matches my stock tire size. Can I go up a little, staying withing a 17" tire still, and have it fit my wheel? Otherwise, I got nothing. I know nothing of the Avon tires. Are they good?
215/55/17 is an odd size, if that's what your Altima takes. I used to have a 03 Maxima with the same size, what I did was ever so slightly upsize to 225/55/17 which fits just fine and give you some more choices. In this size, I suggest the Yokohams Avid H4s. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S is also great, but probably overpriced. I believe you can also get some Falkens in this size, I think it's the Azenis 512 that were rated #1 in their category by Consumer Reports last year. Get lots of tire info at
I'll 3rd the Yoko's, but specifically AVS db S2 tires, if they're available in that size. I have those in 225/60/16, and I think they're great.
If I go up to 225/55/17, is there any problem other than a slight speedometer difference? I have chrome wheels so I need some lip protection too, do the hydroedges and the goodyears offer that?
The only problem I had upsizing on my Maxima was that I also upsized my oil filter, since the specified one was so tiny. So with the slightly larger tires, and the position of the much larger oil filter, I heard a rubbing noise on a hard over left turn, like a u-turn. This noise wasn't there before my oil filter upsize, and went away when I went back to the stock thimble sized filter. I think the upsize raised the car up 5mm, which was actually just barely detectable to me. I bought the Pilot Sport A/S, and wouldn't do it again - great tire, but overpriced. The Yokohama Avid H4s weren't sold then, that's what I'd buy if I had to do it over again. I don't know how much rim offset matters in this relatively minor upsize. You might check out a Nissan or Altima forum for further information, such as this one:
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