New Style Syntec Bottles -- Significant?

Pensacola & Vero Beach FL
I stopped by an AZ last night for a few odds and ends (not including any more GC...), and of course, made the obligatory inspection of the oil rack. I noticed that Syntec is now appearing in a different style bottle. It is more the shape of the bottles they used back in the mid to late 90s, that is, deeper and narrower. I checked out a bottle of 10w-30 and it had a batch code of M05227..., which should equate to a manufacture date of August 15, 2005 (it might have been M05277, which would be October 4th). In any case, fresh new stuff, in a different bottle. Of course, what I'm really wondering if there's any significance to the change, other than just a fresh look, as in, does the change signify a change in the product within the bottle. Any industry people hear something along these lines? [Cheers!]