New Spec Sheet for Mobil 1 SS

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Jul 16, 2002
Alamogordo, NM
Mobil has posted a new product data sheet for their SuperSyn oils. I see that the cold pumping specs have improved on their 0w-30 and 5w-30 oils. That, or they had the numbers wrong on the earlier sheet. Mobil 1 has had a history of publishing incorrect specs on their SuperSyn oils. They still can't seem to get the viscosity data lined up in the right row. [Smile]
Their tech data still confuses me. How can their 15w50 have the same pour point of -49F that their 10w30 has? Especially when their cold cranking data is so drastically different: 15w50=14,050 cP at -25c 10w30=3,848 cP at -25c [Confused]
there is something which I was going to ask , please somebody explain why ,it seems that every new formulation of the same oil ( SL vs SJ ) has worse low and high temp. properties ? example 10w30 SJ 10W30 SL 20w50 SJ Pour -58 -38 -49 Flush 480 455 What gives ? how is it possible that 20W50 flows better than 10W30 < I'm really confused now [I dont know]
I can't speak for other oils, but I asked Mobil 1 about the low and high temp hit on their specs with the SS. They said they sacrificed some low and high temp performance in order to gain better anti-wear properties.
The answer is... The pour points might be the same or similar, but the 15-50 will be "molasses". Remeber, pour point only means there will be movement when the oil is placed on a vertical surface for 5sec.. It says nothing about how much movement. The listing they have for "pumpability limit" is probably a more accurate measurement if not the accurate measure of the lowest "useable" low temperature limit. ie. -37C for 15-50 and -41C for 10-30 and -46C for 5-30. This is why I am using their 15-50 all owner's manual approves this grade for temps. at and above -20C.
Try this! [Smile] Mobil SS 10/30 Viscosity Cold Crank cP 3848@-25C Mobil SS 15/50 " " 5234@-20C For comparison Pennzoil SL PCMO in the 5/20 is 6610@-25C and the 5/30 is 7000@-30 Pennzoils Group III oil in the 5/30 rates at 6600@-30 the 10/30 is 7000@-25 So the 15/50 Mobil SS is not too bad in all but extreme winters [ October 17, 2002, 10:16 AM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
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