New Spec Sheet for Mobil 1 SS

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Jul 16, 2002
Alamogordo, NM
Mobil has posted a new product data sheet for their SuperSyn oils. I see that the cold pumping specs have improved on their 0w-30 and 5w-30 oils. That, or they had the numbers wrong on the earlier sheet. Mobil 1 has had a history of publishing incorrect specs on their SuperSyn oils. They still can't seem to get the viscosity data lined up in the right row.
Their tech data still confuses me. How can their 15w50 have the same pour point of -49F that their 10w30 has? Especially when their cold cranking data is so drastically different:

15w50=14,050 cP at -25c
10w30=3,848 cP at -25c

there is something which I was going to ask , please somebody explain why ,it seems that every new formulation of the same oil ( SL vs SJ ) has worse low and high temp. properties ? example
10w30 SJ 10W30 SL 20w50 SJ
Pour -58 -38 -49
Flush 480 455

What gives ? how is it possible that 20W50 flows better than 10W30 < I'm really confused now
I can't speak for other oils, but I asked Mobil 1 about the low and high temp hit on their specs with the SS. They said they sacrificed some low and high temp performance in order to gain better anti-wear properties.
The answer is...

The pour points might be the same or similar, but the 15-50 will be "molasses". Remeber, pour point only means there will be movement when the oil is placed on a vertical surface for 5sec.. It says nothing about how much movement.

The listing they have for "pumpability limit" is probably a more accurate measurement if not the accurate measure of the lowest "useable" low temperature limit. ie. -37C for 15-50 and -41C for 10-30 and -46C for 5-30. This is why I am using their 15-50 all owner's manual approves this grade for temps. at and above -20C.
Try this!

Mobil SS 10/30 Viscosity Cold Crank cP 3848@-25C
Mobil SS 15/50 " " 5234@-20C

For comparison Pennzoil SL PCMO in the 5/20 is
6610@-25C and the 5/30 is 7000@-30

Pennzoils Group III oil in the 5/30 rates at 6600@-30 the 10/30 is 7000@-25

So the 15/50 Mobil SS is not too bad in all but extreme winters

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