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May 8, 2003
Rome, Ga
Just recieved my case of 7000 series 10w30 and case of 7000 series 15w-40. I will be filling up the tractor and pickup as soon as the next oil change is due. UOA's will be forthcoming although somewhat in the future.
I am a little more than confused by the various Schaeffer's oils. Do they make a fully synthetic motor oil? What Schaeffer oil is considered to be their best for gasline powered cars?
Schaeffer doesn't push their full synthetic very much. I think internal testing has shown that for most applications, it isn't much if any more effective at protecting engines than their Supreme 7000 blend.

I tend to agree. In order to make it worth your while to use a 100% synthetic over a good blend, you have to push your drain interval. For intervals up to (and even exceeding) 5,000 miles, the blend is perfectly up to the job and protects components no less than a full synth.

I know I am not terribly comfortable pushing an oil change much past 7,000 miles, regardless of brand or oil type. The dark color, the possibility that it could begin to shed suspended particulates in the form of sludge and deposits ... it's just not worth it to me. I'll keep my changes at and around the 5K mark ... and for that, the Schaeffer blends make perfect sense. They are very cost-effective at this point and I don't think I'm gonna get better protection with anything else at any price.

The only exception to this is the coldest winter months. This winter I'll be running Red Line 5W30 from early December through March or April. That'll be 6,000 - 7,000 miles. I had some on hand so why not? Next winter, I'm not sure what I'll use ... German Castrol Syntec? Chevron synthetic??

--- Bror Jace

Originally posted by Ryan00TJ:
Schaeffer's blends are what I use their 5W-30 is 25% PAO base with the rest Group III.

Wow, I assumed a PAO / Group II base stock, it's no wonder this oil is holding up so well in UOA's. I thought Schaeffer's had found the ultimate additive package, but a group III/IV is obviously helping.

Castrol would market this stuff as an Ultra-Synthetic.
DOC, their website lists their offeringsin detail and I think they do offer an SL oil fll synth. They historically show good wear results and their particular blends use higher %'s of PAO's and appear to have a really good add pack. We have seen some extended UOA's that really looked good to those who are experts at such things. I think after looking and listening on this site for over a year, that Schaeffer's gives as much or more for the buck than other brands. This is just my opinions drawn from info offered here. Please no flames, only replying to Doc's question the best I can.
TO answer you question I think the 7000 series blend 10w-30 will cover most bases quite well. It is an A3 rates oil which from what I hear is tough to meet esp. for a 10W-30. Perhaps others with more knowledge than I will respond to your question.


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I also converted to Schaeffer oil from Mobil 1 after reading on this board for awhile. I buy the $250 orders to get free shipping and that puts the price per quart at $2.72. My recent oil analysis' have been as good or better than Mobil 1 to say the least for an oil that cost $2 per qt cheaper. Schaeffer's blends are what I use their 5W-30 is 25% PAO base with the rest Group III. 10W-30 is 25% PAO with the rest Group II+. Their 15W-40 same as the 10W-30 with a heavier dose of additives. These blends give great performance for the price and I would recommend them. Schaeffer also has a full synthetic but only comes in 5W-30 weight. I think Al has posted his UOA results with this oil with good results.
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