New radiator or Radiator bypass and add aftermarket cooler?


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Monroe, North Carolina, USA
I just researched the part number on my radiator and it's actually an updated model it's not the original factory one and it's made in USA. According to what I read online it's at least a 2015 model with no SMOD reports. The number is 214609CA0E. Btw I just purchased the car used with no service history so I'm still discovering things.

Latham, New York
The radiator to transmission leak issue (SMOD) on Nissans Xterra's went on to some early 2010s. Not sure about the frontiers. When I found out about the issue via the Xterra forums, I preemptively changed the radiator on my 08 X with a $130 spectra (um?). So why bother with the hassle of installing a separate tranny cooler? The factory original style transmission cooler in the radiator not only pre-warms the tranny in frigid regions but also has been shown to limit tranny temps when towing under severe conditions (I.e. heavy trailers, hot climates, steep grades).