New Quaker State High Mileage Oil

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
I am now seeing commercials for this new oil (with ZZ Top and their cool cars too!) I was wondering if it's the same as Pennzoil's HM oil, and has moly in it? What else can you tell us about it Johnny? The website lists some specs, but obviously doesn't mention which basestock it uses, or what antiwear additives are in it. I wish more oil makers would give out ALL the info we need to know in the technical data sheets (I realize that we can get more info from the MSDS as well, but even that too can be confusing to read)
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Patman: Actually, the Quaker State HME is not a new product. Quaker came out with this product about 8 months after Valvoline came out with MaxLife. When they first introduced it, it was in one of the clear bottles like their 4X4 Blend and their synthetic. They put it in the off red color bottle back in January and are just now starting to run their 3rd quarter promotion on it with ZZ Top. It is similar to the Pennzoil High Mileage oil. It uses the ester as a seal conditioner and has a very small amount of moly in it. It uses a Group II base stock purchased from Chevron, where the Pennzoil uses the Group II+ base stock it produces at the Excel Paralubes refinery in Louisiana, and a different additive package. I to am getting discusted with the lack of information that is starting to appear on spec sheets. I will contact my sources this week to see what I can find out for you. [Cheers!]
Thanks Johnny! I guess I didn't know about this product since it always takes longer for new stuff to arrive here in Canada. It still isn't on our shelves here, and the commercials just started playing recently.
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