New Pennzoil SUV Oil

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May 27, 2002
Baton Rouge
I see that Pennzoil just came out with a new oil.
Pennzoil SUV, Truck and Minivan oil.

It is supposed to be a syn blend.

Does anybody know any details about this oil and what makes it defferent from their regular Syn-blen?

Pennzoil SUV, Truck and Minivan oil.

One would almost be taken in by it, but for the word "minivan." Might as well add the word "car" to the list, since a minivan is more or less a station wagon version of a car chassis/engine package. And at that point, they might as well drop all the vehicle types and just say "motor oil," because thats all it is.

Then you have the Quaker State winter oil, but I thought that was what 5w30 was for.

The oil industry is going to market us into mass confusion if they keep this up.

But high mileage oil--I'll buy that as an alternative for someone who doesn't want an "Energy Conserving" oil.
I've seen it on the shelf with both a 15W-40 and a 10W-30 weight available... Does the 10W-30 have a diesel designation (maybe CD or CF?) like the 15W-40?

If so, it may be an alternative to the somewhat hard-to-find Delo, etc., in this weight. Perhaps a good really cold weather choice?

Oh, yeah: Happy New Year!
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