New Pennzoil product for suv's, trucks,minivans

Has anyone seen this or know anything about it. It claims to provide a "thicker cushion when the engine needs it most." This is probably just a thicker blended oil with some increase in anti-wear adds as it states "powerful synthetic additives" on the bottle. $2.27 per quart
Largo, FL
Haven't seen any on the shelves yet, but what do you want to bet that it's Pennzoil High Mileage (which really is decent stuff) in a different color bottle?
I smell creative marketing, just like with Quaker State 4X4 and "for engines over 200 horsepower." Both oils have nearly identical specs. Now QS came up with "special winter formula", but I can't find data sheets for that oil  - [ September 23, 2003, 09:13 PM: Message edited by: TheNauseator ]