New Orleans Airport Car Rental

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
Hello, I am hoping that somebody has experience renting cars in new Orleans. Do they offer car rental in-terminal? My research online says yes. However, is this just the kiosk, or can one walk within a very short distance to the cars? I will be in a rush to leave new orleans when I go, and I'd like to be able to have a rental car for flexibility... but I cannot afford the time to have to deal with a rental car agency bus, etc., I want a company that has the turn-in right at the airport, so it is a quick walk. Is this possible? Which companies?
JHZR2, It's been four or five years since I last flew out of NO Int'l, so I don't recall how it's set up. (Believe me, I understand the desire to rush out of here; I have it every day.) I rented when I was living in Denver and visited here in 2000, and the car rental place was a little distance, not walking distance, up along Airline Highway, so I did have to ride a bus. I think it was Enterprise.
What Benz said. I don't think there are car rental agents in the main terminal. Perhaps you could call since the airport has changed since Katrina. The bus ride is only a few minutes long if I recall. Anyway, what's the big rush? See the Quarter, take the streetcar down St. Charles Ave, duck random gunfire. You know, the real New Orleans experience.
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