New oil to try - Motul 0-40 Ester base

Found at Parkview BMW (Leslie & Eglinton, Toronto) sitting next to the M-1 0-40. Both priced at $11.50 CDN. At least it's cheaper than the Castrol 10-60 at $13.60 CDN... Made in France and ester based written on the bottle. Anyone have links, comments about the Motul? Wonder why they have it at the BMW dealership though....
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
A couple of small car parts stores in Mississauga carry Agip 10W-60 for $8.00 and this stuff is PAO M&M parts on Cawthra road just past Burnhampthorpe allways stocks it but last time I checked (a month or so ago) it was SJ rated, they also caryy 5W-50 also PAO, unlike the 5W-40 stuff