New oil to consider -Irving oils!

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Sep 8, 2005
Found a 'new' line of oils that doesn't seem to have been discussed on this forum, and might be of interest: Irving Company Oils. Link to their lubricants site is here:

Their passenger car dino oils seems to be fairly average; and they don't have any spec sheets on their synthetic passenger car oils; but the oils that do seem like they might be of interest is their 'IDO Universal' line of HDEO's. The specs for these are here:

In this line, they seem to have 10W-30, a 5W-40, and a 0W-30 grades that have really good specs - look at the ccs numbers for the 5W-40 and 0W-30 grades, and the TBN for all of them. They seem to be pretty stout for this type of oil.

I don't have prices for this oil to report, but they seem to be distributed through MacEwen gas stations, which probably means they aren't exactly a bargain, but who knows. It also may mean they are only avaliable in Canada, unless there are Irving distributors in the US.

The one comment I would make about the oils is that the 5W-40 grade seems to have good numbers, and if it is decently priced, it may be a Canadian equivalent to Rotella-T 5W-40 oil, which many in the States seem to feel is a great deal for cars that need a 5W-40 oil. For those in Canada that need a 5W-40 oil, this may be another option.

Hope this helps!
There are Irvings in Maine, USA and well stocked though expensive. I haven't looked through their oil in a while but have seen diesel rated stuff here as they look like they want to be all things to all people. (They have fuses, antifreeze, light bulbs etc.)
The IDO universal is about $4.39 per quart at Irving gas stations for the 10w30, 15w40 and straight 30. I believe the price for the Max 1 PCMO dino is somewhere around $3.59-$3.89. I can't quite remember the price of the Max 1 semi-synth or the Advant 5w40 synthetic.
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