New Oil In the Engine

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Just changed from Mobil Drive Clean Plus HM Blend 10w-40 to Castrol Syntec Blend in 10w-30. I thought that the thicker Mobil would protect the small sump Nissan 3.0 (4 qts total) better. I found out that the 40wt was too thick for this motor (even though Nissan rated it for a 40wt) in the long-run. The Syntec Blend is a bit thicker than the normal 30wt but a good bit thinner than the 40wt. What OCI would you all recommend? I drive about 15 miles round trip. Thanks !!
All things considered, probably a sound decision if for no other reason than 10W-30's decreased reliance on VII polymers that tend to shear back. The recent Castrol "Startup" product introduction looks very interesting, too. I'm presuming the polar molecule that clings to metal after engine shutdown is an ester.
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