New Mustang V6...anyone own/driven one?

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Feb 15, 2003
Southeast Kentucky
After years of wanting a 'stang and not being able to own one for practical reasons, I'm soon going to be able. I have decided on the V6/manual as I don't have to have a V8 and the car, gas, taxes and insurance are cheaper. Any first hand opinions? How do they sound and handle? I have not test drove one since I won't waste a dealer's time until I'm in the market.
I heard on Car and driver that the New Mustang V6 is actually worth getting.. and now its not considered the "Female model" of the Mustang. Mustang is Pure Man's car now ..(so they say)

Go Ford.
As an owner of a 05 GT, I must disagree. I have driven a V-6 5sp and was totally disappointed. If you can Mikemc, get the GT. The fun factor is just too much pass up! V-6's are O.K., but the 3 valve V-8 with 300hp is still the one to have. Either way, enjoy the car. You won't be disappointed. If I recall, the fuel mileage figures for both models were not that far apart.
I have the 05 GT auto myself. If you can go with the GT, you will thank yourself later. I have added a cai and reflashed the computer and the car has really come to life. With the retune and running 93 octane we are getting 16 mpg and 23 highway.
Lets put an Eaton Supercharger on that V6 Mustang and watch it blow the doors off the GT.
A chip for the computer, an underdrive crank pulley, maybe an intake, and maybe some exhaust work will wake up the v6.
Once first gear is useless because of spin, do you really need more?
It has 225HP and a good torque curve stock, which is pretty good. The problem is that the car is very heavy, although it doesn't look it.
I've had three V8 Mustangs, never a V6. But I'm such a Mustang fan that several times when I need to rent a car for business I get a Mustang. The rentals are always V6.

I must say this... the chassis on the new model Mustang is awesome. Leaving the engine out of the equation for the moment... the car itself is way better than what was previous. Yes, the V8 will always be *better* for most of us, but the car, the ride, the quality, is all good in the new car.

When I go over bumps in my '98 GT Convertible, it shakes my teeth out. When I drove this '05 V6, wow, great stability!
Thanks for the replies. I am not a fast driver so the engine power is not of great importance to me. I do like engine sound, so I guess I need to test drive a V6 and see if I like it.
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You're right about the warranty part, but blowing it up?
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