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Dec 7, 2003
Florida, Cape Coral
I'm using FireFox now and very happy with it after suffering with ALO for years. Now Mozilla has a new FireFox that they just introduced a new FirFox. Is anyone using the new version yet and if so, how do you like it? I hate being a Beta tester. Ed
I got the e-mail about the "new" version and I installed it because I used to be a hardcore Firefox user but around Version 45-55 started having big issues with its performance so I took it out and went to Chrome then they started having issues so I went to Opera and never looked back. I have only had it installed for a short while and so far it's ok but I'm not making the switch back until I thoroughly test it. They need to earn me back as a user.
I'm running it. So far, so good. I did customize the toolbar though by dragging around the icons. When it installed it looked like the IE style toolbar with the layout and I wanted the familiar "Firefox" style.
I used FF for a long time, it worked OK and I had no problems with it. Then a few weeks ago I started having trouble with it not allowing video to run, I wanted to watch a TV show online on live TV through Comcast and it would not play. Also had what seemed to me to be issues with their Ad Blocker. I had to use Edge to watch live tv and that was my first real experience with Edge. I liked how Edge worked, it is a simpler GUI and it works faster with less battery drain. There are some people who are upset that a lot of FF add-ons don't work in FF 57: Some say FF is becoming more like the super-private Tor browser: I don't want anything to do with Tor or anything like it. I have nothing against tracking protection but Tor is mostly used by criminals and dirtbags. I made a permanent switch over to Edge and like it much better than FF. I also really like how Defender integrates with Edge and the Smart Screen feature. I have had no problems at all with the Ad Blocker in Edge either.
I have the new version on my Linux system and it is performing admirably. Be mindful, though, that many, many of the extensions are going to be disabled as they are no longer compatible as of this version.
I use Firefox as a backup browser ever since I got a corrupted update years ago that dumped my bookmarks at random times and I lost links that I have never been able to find again. My preferred is Opera although their loss of independance is a bit troubling. Internet Exploder is my browser of last resort
I like the new firefox and was able to turn off the news suggestions. I get sick of the constant win 10 pop ups trying to get me to use the "Microsoft Edge browser" I keep Opera as a spare browser but rarely use it.
The add ons will catch up. I don't have a whole lot anyway. I wonder if they have fixed the bookmark syncing? Use to be it made duplicate entries and generally a mess of the bookmarks.
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Installed 57 yesterday only to find out a bunch of my add-ons are not compatible with it. I went back to 56.
Mozilla *completely* changed the way that add-ons are authored and gave developers a lot of notice; but some developers were not interested in re-writing their add-ons and others have claimed that the new technologies make the functions of their add-ons impossible. If the developer(s) of an add-on you're using haven't released a Quantum-compatible version yet, I am not optimistic they ever will.
I use a password manager so I can have long cryptic passwords for each site and just remember one cryptic password. Anyway it is already working with the new Firefox.
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I tried it a bit on the Windows box at the office, but it's not out on Linux yet. Neither setup has a lot of addons, so I'm not concerned about issues in that regard.
One could, if one were pathologically impatient enough, simply download the .tar.gz and run the executable from there. That same impatient person could also run their software updater, or possibly:
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt clean
... Every time he wonders whether or not Firefox 57 has yet hit the repo's; which has been about every 5 minutes or so.
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