New Moly containing oil found :)

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Jul 4, 2002

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(Lubro Moly)
Lubro Moly additives and motor oils, developed over the past 40 years by the German company Liqui Moly GmbH, will give you superior performance modeled after the company's extensive experience with racing cars and boats. Look no further for additives that will keep your car running at peak levels while preventing premature wear and deterioration. These quality products for your German imports are specifically tailored to BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen-Audi.

Many Lubro Moly products include the exclusive Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) anti-friction lubricant. The MoS2 anti-friction agent is an oil-insoluble additive that protects metal parts long after oil and grease have done their job.

If you're looking for an outstanding synthetic, energy conserving motor oil, look to Lubro Moly's Voll-Synthese. This advanced motor oil:

supports the most severe driving conditions,
helps with cold starts,
gives better fuel mileage,
provides resistance to shearing and breakdown,
maintains excellent oil pressure and
permits superior wear protection.


Has anyone ever seen this? I wonder if its available in the US or not
They offer a 300ml MoS2 Engine Treatment for $5.

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Here are some moly additives for you moly loving people - neat little company! Okay I'll quit posting for a while, let everyone on the board have their sayso - I'm interested in what you guys think of all this...
Dominic: At one time I used their product in my wife's VW Eurovan. I never had it analysized though. They make two synthetic oils, 0W40 and 5W40. The 10W40 with the Moly is not synthetic. According to Bernard of Liqui Moly in Germany, their 5W40 was the factory fill on my VW Eurovan. I have no way to prove that, it's just what he said. There are several European Import Parts Distributors on the internet that sell this product. Barvarian Motorworks is another. I purchased mine from the site you posted.
From the FAQS section, apparently their Moly lasts about 6,000 before needing replensihment.

Q. Is Mr. Moly Engine-Aide worth using if I change my oil
every 2,000 or 3,000 miles?

A. The MoS2 uses the oil as a carrier to circulate throughout the
engine and plate onto all points of contact under heat and
pressure. Once the Moly has plated (after about two hours of
driving time), the oil could be removed but the Moly will remain
on the surfaces for several thousand miles. Therefore, we
recommend that Mr. MOLY be added every 6,000 miles
regardless of how often the oil is changed.

Thanks anyway. I will obtain my moly from a reputable American company.
I'm with you Molakule.

Also, Once moly is plated, it is sacrificial and if it has no moly in suspension with the current oil, it will eventually shear off and be right back to where you were. Moly, like other additives, must have a suspended unused level waiting to replenish itself.

I address this issue more about moly and additives in the oil analysis section and my opinion as to how and why I'd stay away from something like this this.;f=3;t=000053

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I still think the Schaeffers is a better product, I can't even find a documented spec sheet on the lubro moly. Most likely its just a quality base III oil with moly and some other additives - but I can't say for sure being I find so little information about this oil.

Thats good someone has run it - I wasn't sure if it was real or not
The same situatiion happens with the ZDDP. It shears off and needs replenishment as well.
Any of the organometallic film deposition FM/EP's will shear and will need replenishment, and hopefully the replenishment will come from the reserve found in the additive package.

In my view, the smaller specialty oil blenders probably pay more attention to the reserves in the additive package than do some of the larger (OTC) oil companies, with the possible exception of Mobil, and only further analysis will determine if the new Mobil 1 SuperSyn is an exception.
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