'New" Mobil1 5W-30 25K miles oil at WalMart???

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Jan 7, 2003
Colorado Springs
This is really strange. At WalMart, I found several SF rated white round bottle of Mobil1. This was the oil that Mobil claimed could go 25K miles or 1 year, whicheveer comes first. It also claims it helps start engines at -35F. I think this oil is 1992 or prior, if I recall correctly. Wonder what dusty corner of a warehouse they founb this one. Almost collector items?
It'd be really interesting to see a VOA of this oil, or even a UOA if anyone is really brave!
I'd actually be kind of interested in owning a quart of that stuff. [Wink] Like you said, it's sort of a collectors item, only because there are nuts like me in the world.
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