New Mobil AZ price check

Jun 6, 2004
Minneapolis MN
Mobil Clean 5000 (5W/10W-30) @ $1.49/qt Mobil Clean High Mileage (10W-40) @ $1.69/qt Mobil1 Regular (SM/GF4 curvy bottle 5W/10W-30 and 0W-40) @ $4.99/qt Mobil1 EP (15W-50) @ $5.19/qt no Clean 7500 or other grades in stock yet It appears as if Mobil or AZ at least is holding the line on prices. I saw the same prices at two different stores, so it may be a regional thing. Also, no GC for a buck, but $3.99 for 12 qts max only at the store that had it. They had 24 bottles available and would only allow me 12 at the sale price. I asked what the limitations were on the sale price and the kid says "12 bottles at the sale price per visit." I asked what constitutes a visit and he said, "go out the door, turn around, come back in, it's another visit." He had it rung up before I even got back to the counter.