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Jan 12, 2003
Hello everyone, Im new here to the board, seems like a great place to learn. Just thought I'd Introduce myself, I have a 1978 Pontiac TransAm, 400ci 6.6L, with 67K original miles. Im running SuperTech 10w-30 and a Fram Filter. Lol, is it possible to be running something worse? My friend convinced me to get this, and I dont know why I listened. Anyway, My Other vehicle is a 1989 4runner, 2.4L, 165K. That one gets Castrol GTX and a Mobil 1 oil Filter. On the Trans Am... Since its such a old engine, would it be a bad Idea to run Synthetic? It is in Storage right now, and Ive been meaning to switch it over to what Im running on my 4runner. But I just wanted to make sure, The runner right now has 5w-30. I live in Maine, so it gets cold in the winter. So, what do you guys reccomend around here. I dont know of anywhere that Sells Amsoil, So thats out of the ? unless i buy online. Thanks for reading the long post, see ya around [ January 13, 2003, 10:34 PM: Message edited by: PontTransAm1978 ]
Because of the age of the seals in that engine, I wouldn't go synthetic if it were my car. Those are nice engines, lots of torque! I drove a 78 TA with the 400 engine and a 4 speed once, a guy in my f-body club owns one (in gold) and let me take it for a spin. I've owned three Firebirds myself, a 95TA I bought new, then traded for a 98 Formula and now I have a 95 Formula.
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