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Jan 11, 2003
Greenbrier, Tn
New member here and looking for suggestions. I have a 97 F-150 5.4 ohc v-8. It has 95,000 miles and I have been using Motorcraft Oil and filters or sometimes supertech filters. Really do not want to start the synthetic on it this late although Mobil 1 goes in my wife's Explorer. I drive approximately 30 miles each way to work and currently change oil on 3,000 miles. Any suggestions for changing brands of oils or is the Motorcraft okay?? I do have a slight piston slap issue in cold weather which does sort of go with the territory on the older 5.4 Triton engine. You guys seem to know what you are talking about and I just wondered what your opinions are. Really am looking to stay with an otc dino oil though.
I'm sure the others will ask, what grade of oil are you already using? 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, thicker ???
[Welcome!] seldont, Myself I really like the Motocraft oil. Over in our oil analysis section one of the best looking dino oil intervals was a Motorcraft lubed 4.0 late model Ford,considering the temps and traffic it did a great job imo. I just wanted to welcome you,there certainly are other OTC oils simalar to what you are using to get the same job done,others will chime in shortly
Chevron Iso-Syn and Supreme, Castrol GTX, Trop-Artic, and Shaeffers seem to give prety good results. You might want jto consider 10W-30 in Tenn. Perhaps that will help the Piston Slap. [Welcome!]
i have a 98 expy 5.4 and i use mobile's delvac 1 5w-40 my truck loves this oil i also add in synergyn's oil treatment and use a mobile 1 oil filter...if your truck is not burning oil then its never too late to start synthetics.
I find if it is an oil burner the consumption usually goes down with group 4 synthetic. Now if it is a leaker it could go up down or stay the same. (Anything I owned that leaked stayed at about the same leak rate or less exept my VW dune buggy, it went up)
My truck uses practically no oil barely moves on the dipstick at all between changes. If the Motorcraft is good I may stay with that. you think 10-30 is okay for it?? I had read where a lot of you seem to prefer Pennzoil?? I would like to quiten the piston slap a little but other wise it runs great. I am planning on it to go to the 200,000 mark. My 93 F-150 got there pretty easily but was starting to tire out when I finally sol ti and bought this one. Just want to keep it clean and well protected. By the way by looking in the valve cover on the passenger side the cams and head surface all appear to be very clean. Any suggestions for my old 65 Mustang 6 200 ci 6 cyl?? 250,000 miles on it with a ring job about 50,000 miles back?? Sits a lot now though. Thanks for the reples. I have learned a lot by reading and decided to join. Thanks again!! -)
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