new honda and GC?

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Jun 3, 2004
I have an 04 Honda with 9000 miles....currently running 5-20 Mobil-1.....but dang, it's going to get hot here in Florida.

Is GC appropriate for these Honda's that are specified (in the USA at least) for 5-20? Are there other oils that are on the "thick" side of 5-20...or otherwise will be particularly well suited for the hotter climates?


Although I like the GC in applications that call for a thick 30 weight (Nissans), I believe the Mobil 1 10w-30 would be a better choice since it is thinner 10.3 cST versus 12.2 cSt at 100 deg C.

That is not to say GC would not protect the engine, it would but at the expense of fuel economy since it is almost a 40 weight oil. The Mobil 1 10w-30 is more shear stable than their 5w-30 and would work well in the Florida heat.

I am considering running the M1 10w-30 in the wife's 2004 Odyssey this summer or I might run the Schaeffer Blend 10w-30 that is in my oil shrine next to the 24 bottles of GC.

Originally posted by Kelton:
Aw, is that all I'm gonna get? I was hoping for a more thoughtful response!

You want a THOUGHTFUL response?, you're a demanding guy! I guess I won't even bother to bring up the part about the Elves or the Elixer of Love, Life, Happiness and Hondaness!

As long as your engine design has no issues with 12.2 cSt oil, the UOA trail left by the C from G clearly indicates you would have a hard time giving your engine a better lubricating fluid.
What John in the ATL said. I see nothing wrong with sticking with the M1 5W-20 and yea, I know it gets hot.

Originally posted by Kelton:
but dang, it's going to get hot here in Florida.

If your engine required a thicker oil just because you're in Florida, I think it would say so in the owner's manual.

Seriously, your engine is not going to blow up or suffer if you run GC. But nothing bad is going to happen if you stick with M1 5w-20 either.
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