NEW HERE!! Whats better Synthetic Choice Royal or Mobil

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Nov 22, 2002
I have alwyas used Mobil 1 Synthetic and I have been involved with the reviews Patman has discovered about oils. But I have always been curious to which is the better oil between the two. Royal Purple Synthetic or Mobil 1 Synthetic. And is there a difference in Royal Purples Racing Synthetic. Thanks Zoran [ November 23, 2002, 05:37 PM: Message edited by: NED4SPD ]
NED4SPD, while waiting for the inimitable Patman to test Royal Purple in his wife's Civic, you might want to thoroughly search the used oil section and see test results along with related comments (both good and bad). Be sure to use the "search" feature to find the older results in addition to the more recent ones. [Wink] --- Bror Jace
Just be patient though, it'll take until early summer before my wife hits 5k on this batch of RP 5w30 that I put in yesterday. Then we can compare it to SJ TriSynthetic. Keep in mind that SuperSyn is better than TriSynthetic, so I'll need to run a test on that too in order to truly compare the latest formulations of each oil. I will also have results from my sister's car, I just put in SL TriSynthetic (yes, the rare stuff) in her car last week and will put in RP 5w30 in the spring and compare. I think the SL formulation of RP is considerably better, the tech specs are much better and some recent analysis results on the newest stuff look better too.
HAHAHA Thanks man!! And I am egarly waiting for the results. I have lots of time since my car is parked for winter. I hope they turn out good just like Mobil 1.
Parked for winter? That's one of the best ways around to put tens of thousands of miles of wear on a drivetrain, even if using Mobi1 1 or Royal Purple. Ford owners manuals caution owners that a vehicle will start to deteriorate mechanically if not driven at least every two weeks. And Hyundai owners manuals instruct owners to run their air conditioner at least 10 minutes once a week year round (temperatures permitting) to keep the compressor lubricated.
People from CA never understand, but up here in Toronto they salt the heck out of the roads in the winter, so a lot of my friends put their Camaros and Firebirds away. Rebuilding an engine is a lot easier than fixing the frame from all the rust. Most of them will pull the engine and put in something more powerful anyways. Plus a lot of guys simply don't like to drive these cars in the snow. I have no choice, my 95 Firebird is my daily driver, I can't afford another car.
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