New HD-Mirror image?

Yep, cloning it will make a perfect copy of your current drive on your new drive. Macrium Reflect, Acronis, EaseUS, Samsung (if you go to a Samsung SSD) etc are all pretty popular tools… the new drive will need to be equal to or bigger than your current drive though for most of these tools.
In addition to the cloning software, for a laptop you will also need a USB cable/adapter specific to the type of drive that you buy. If it's a desktop and you have free drive slots inside, then you don't need a cable.
If you dont have an external USB disk adapter some of the tools listed above can create an image of the disk you can save onto the same USB thumb drive you use to boot them. then swap the disk and boot again with thumb drive and restore the image to the new disk. I use Acronis and usb3 thumb drive it is super fast.