New Havoline Oil

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Mar 19, 2004
I was in the local Wal-Mart just yesterday and Havoline has a New Design on the quart bottle.On the back it no longer says that it is made from group 2 oil base.Could it be that this oil already meets the new SM standard? It seems that the old bottles are going away,the shelf was almost all new design.Has anyone else noticed this? [I dont know] [ April 05, 2004, 12:43 AM: Message edited by: motorguy222 ]
Dammit, don't say that. Now I'm going to have to stock up on it before all of the "old" stuff is gone. I'll check it out when I go oil shopping Tues.
I noticed the new bottles too. Don't think the oil changed. At least they didn't go back to those godawful quick pour spouts.
I am not sure but I think the SM oils are supposed to come out this summer.Oil companies usually have the oils ready before they are officially allowed to carry the new standard letters on the bottles.What better way to bring in a new oil than with a 100 year celebration? [Patriot]
The new design on the bottle makes it look larger. Interesting that it says group 2 in the back. Haven't seen other oils that say that on the bottle. Will other oil manufacturers follow their bottle design? Think they also put the Olympics symbol on the bottle too.
Originally posted by lpcmidst128: Interesting that it says group 2 in the back. Haven't seen other oils that say that on the bottle.
FWIW the new labels on the Phillips Trop Artic say's it uses group II . I think all the dino's that use group II will probably soon have it on the label so to keep up on the marketing end of things .
The new Havoline bottles NO LONGER [Bang Head] say they are made with Group 2,they dont say what stock they are made with.This is what has me wondering.Are they still a group 2 product or has it gone to a mixture of groups to keep cost down? I believe that I read somewhere,may have been on the API sight that Group 1 can be used and still pass the new SM standard.For those that use Havoline,hopefully they are not lowering the standard but raising it by using Group 3 stock.
ya' know, guys, just 'cause the old bottle design stated the product was "formulated with high quality Group II base oils" doesn't guarantee that the base oil constituent is exclusively Group II. There could still be some proportion of Group I solvent refined base oil taking up space in the bottle, too. Has it ever occurred to any of you that Havoline may have been forced to drop reference to Group II to avoid some arcane truth in advertising litigation? Let's see what Chevron Supreme conventional's bottles state regarding "ISO-SYN" in the coming weeks or months... I'm not anti-Havoline or Chevron Supreme - I've got a whole #@%-load of both in my garage and they're each nearly as good as SuperTech 10W-30 conventional... [Roll Eyes] But, seriously, read the blenders' hype critically instead of making blind assumptions about what you want to believe.
Just thought I'd bump this back up. I picked a quart a couple weeks ago, thought it was just a new bottle design. Then I noticed on the back: Old oil meets, SH/SJ/SL, CH-3/CH-4 New oil meets, SJ/SL, CH-4 Not sure if this really means anything, but perhaps they are starting to change the formula for SM? -T
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