New Hankook Dynapros

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Nov 23, 2016
Got new tires for the new wheels for my Liberty. 245/75/16. $670 from Walmart for all 5, including 2 new TPMS sensors.
Looking good! I really like OEM wheels on other similar vehicles, they always seem to look a good. Sounds like Walmart TLE didn't give you any trouble for non-stock sized tires?
Thanks! been looking for a nice set of 5 of these on and off for probably 10 years, finally found a set. Walmart didn't bat an eye at it, total non issue.
How did you know you needed new sensors? Did you bring the sensors in? Or did walmart have them in stock? I wasn't aware that they would swap sensors.
The KJs don't get much love generally but you seem to use yours. How is it on dirt compared to your "real" Cherokee? wink Thumbs up on the OEM wheels and plus size tires, I've done it for years and always happy with the results.
A couple of the sensors just broke when they went to remove them...just old I guess. Walmart had them in stock. It does very good offroad...never wheeled the real Cherokee though and don't plan to. Really I think the KJ vs XJ in a stock to mild mods, it's a very close race. The KJ is easier to lift a couple inches actually. It's when you want to run a 35" tire that the XJ wins. Obviously the KJ is more refined on the road but that 4.0 pep in the XJ is just great.
Lookin good! The Dynapros were factory on my Frontier, and they do great in snow and the mild "off-roading" I do. I've been impressed with them especially for the price I see them for.
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