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Jan 22, 2006
Hi, I am new around here. Can you tell me what GC stands for? Is it "German Castrol" or something else? I have 2005 Accord and CRV (both 4 cyl) and use fully synthetic Mobil 5W-30 (can't force myself to use 20 weight). So, what is GC? Is it synthetic? Where can I get it (should I)? Thx
Welcome. GC stands for German Castrol which is Castrol Syntec 0w-30 (and only 0w-30 - all others are Group III and made in the U.S.). Unlike the other Syntecs, the 0w-30 is Group IV, or PAO stock, which many consider to be superior to Group III, which comes from petroleum. All GC has "made in Germany" printed on the back; regular Syntec does not. You'll also see much discussion about green vs. gold GC. Starting last year, Castrol changed the formula a bit and the newer stuff is gold. Look at the bottom of the bottle; all serial numbers starting with 0502 or higher are gold. Nobody really knows if one is better than the other, but people enjoy hunting for the older green stuff. Finally, it appears that GC is best suited to VWs, Audis and Mercedes, however it has been used in many, many different types of engines with various results. Do a search about GC and Hondas and you'll see what I mean. Meanwhile, I've used Mobil 1 5w-20 and Pennzoil Platinum 5w-20 in my '03 Accord with great results. Do a search for 5w-20 UOAs; they are almost always great.
I'm new here too, but I'll answer the best I can. GC = German Castrol It really is just "Castrol Syntec 0w-30", but someone coined the term GC because its made in Germany. On that note, all recent bottles of "Castrol Syntec 0w-30" are made in Germany (it'll say so on the back of the bottle). No other Castrol Syntec weights are made in Germany. (At least that I've seen in the U.S.) It is synthetic. You can get it at Auto Zone. But its not guaranteed to be in every one. I'm gonna try it, I think you should too. You won't really know if you like it until you try it. Now if you really want more detailed answers... search! [Smile] There's lots of info I found on these forums.
Musn't forget to tell our new members the REALLY IMPORTANT stuff: that it is made by Elves in the Black Forest and that it is not just an oil, it is the Exultant, Exhuberant and Efficacious Engine Elixer.
Honda engines are extremely easy on oil and seem to like thinner weight according to most here. IMO you will be losing MPG and not gaining any more protection. In your case GC is a waste of money.
There are so many different experiences with GC that it will be tough to predict the effect on an engine. Some folks have said that GC makes their engines run more smoothly, other have not. Some have reported a drop in gas mileage and/or power, while others notice no change. No matter what, however, GC will not harm your engine. But neither will a good 5w-20 or 5w-30; look at the UOAs with Hondas and 5w-20s and you'll see what I mean. My suggestion: try one oil change and do a UOA. If your mileage or power drops or you see no appreciable drop in wear metals, switch back to Mobil 1 or Pennzoil Platinum. You may even want to try Motorcraft semi-synthetic 5w-20, which is a lot less expensive and has shown really good UOA numbers on Hondas and Fords.
Hi, I just did an oil change in wife's 2005 CRV (4 cyl - same engine as 2005 Accord) with GC and the cold starting is definitelly better (I used 0W-30). I also used Mobil 1 filter. As for power-we just came from 200 mile trip where the CRV fully loaded was doing 80-90 mph without any problem. I think I will switch my Accord from Mobil 1 to GC 0W-30.
Yes, it is a pleasant journey down The Green Path...and down The Gold Path too...and no, The Gold Path is NOT the Yellow Brick Road! [Big Grin]
Hi pscholte, This one was "gold". I actually checked before putting it in. I don't know if I am right but I really like this GC stuff. I am no rocket scientist when it comes to oils, but I could easily notice that my car starts quicker/easier/smoother in the morning and the engine seems to run smooth(er?) as well. I just put Mobil 5W-30 in my accord so I will let it run for 5,000 miles and then switch to GC in Accord as well.
I'm glad your initial impression of GC is so positive. It is probably no surprise to you that I absolutely love the stuff. I have experienced incredible performance under some very demanding conditions. I hope you will be able to report the same. [Cheers!]
Last year Az did a sale in Feb so keep watching to see if they do the same this of the Az's here in the Springs has it for $5.19 right now!!!! If they offer it at $3.99 during the sale like they have in the past, you don't want to let that one slip by you. In addition, Az is offering the "make five $20 purchases and get a $20 gift card" promotion like they did last Fall. Happy hunting!
AZ just opened mile away from my house. They keep running different promotions (they are accros the street from Pep Boys) so..... we'll see.
Hey, I just went to Pep Boys and they had no Castrol Syntec OW-30 grade at all. Should I be on alert that it may be discontinued? Should I raid all the stores to build a stash?
Accord2005NJ - Pep Boys does not carry Castrol Syntec 0w-30. Autozone is the only store that will carry it. I'm pretty sure that's the only large chain that will carry it in the U.S. And if it were discontinued, you'd hear a ruckus about it on these forums! [SPAZ!] Happy hunting! It won't hurt to stock up, but I'd wait until you try it out. Your car may not like GC. (Sorry, I had to say it...) Just my 2cents.
I live here in Los Angeles and there are 10 or so AutoZones within a 10 mile radius. I've checked the 2 nearest my house and BOTH have Castrol 0w30 (made in Germany). It is the M05 gold stuff though. I started using this in my car after reading a lot about it and lets just say that my car runs considerably smoother, quieter, and startups arn't as hard as they used to. I used to run Mobil 5w30 (full synthetic) and it ran like sand. [Razz] This castrol is probably the best stuff you can put in a vehicle - especially our small engines (2.2L Ecotec here)
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