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May 13, 2004
I've been reading this board for about 2 years now, thanks for all the great info. I tried searching but couldn't find an answer to my question, and I don't think it goes in the oil analysis forum. Sorry if it's been asked before, just point me in the right direction [Smile] I'm about to purchase a used 2003 Subaru WRX from a friend's friend. About 25k miles, oil's been changed to synth since about 6k, been using Mobil 1 (not sure as to exactly which weight, etc). My friend says he does drive the car hard but doesn't abuse it, and it certainly seems in excellent condition. I trust the car and him. My question is, he has about 3k miles or so on the oil in the pan. For various reasons he hasn't driven the car more than once or twice a week, about 10 miles each way, for the last 3 or 4 months (most of his earlier miles were from road trips and a much longer commute). I want to start using Blackstone's oil analysis program. Should I just drain and refill, and send in a sample 3k miles from now? Or is this oil ok to send in right now? I don't know if the relative inactivity would skew any results. Also, is the "Dyson" analysis worth it? Thanks alot for any help!
You can change now. Just make sure that you get the oil good and hot. It would be great if you could run the car say 30 or more miles. The oil analysis from Terry is more than worth the money. Smart move on your part. Tell Terry about the lack of activity. [Welcome!]
For supercharged gasoline engines, if you are looking for a slightly harder working oil than M1, try Mobil Delvac synthetic which has better shear strength as well as higher TBN.
I agree with Gurkha on the Delvac. M1's new 5W-40 Truck & SUV is the same thing and will protect your turbo very well. If neither are available where you live, then I'd go with M1 0W-40. I've done many UOA on my Saabs and 5K seems to be a conservative OCI. Good choice with Blackstone. I'd say send in the sample now. You may just see some fuel and water in the report but the metal wear will indicate how the engine is doing overall.
Thanks for the quick responses guys. I'll have to post the analysis when I get it done. I'm around the NE area near New York City. I drive around there, Pennsylvania to near Allentown, New Jersey, and Connecticut. I'm sure I can find the 5w-40 Truck and SUV oil in that area. Will 5w-40 give me year round protection with the temperature swings that the area has?
5w-40 give me year round protection with the temperature swings that the area has
Yes, 5W-40 should cover you very well. John
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