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Jun 8, 2002
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There are different forms of moly. Moly can actually lead to engine corrosion. Other additives have ZDDP which can cause catalytic failure. Problem is you never know what kind of levels the additive has in it or what form. Also you don't know what other goo the stuff has which can adversely affect your Engine oil which has been carefully tested. I'm sure others here will tell you to use a gooe engine oil and do an analysis. It's really the only way. Not really an expert-just an opinion. [freaknout] Welcome to the board. [Patriot]
Don't know what is in it except maybe extra ZDDP. Most of those thicken the oil as well. You can have the oil analyzed $15-$25 and get the definitive answer. Oil analysis on the second oil change after treatment should give you a good baseline. (the oil change immediately after would still have some in it)
Originally posted by Al: There are different forms of moly. Moly can actually lead to engine corrosion.
I think Al ment to say that SOME forms of moly can cause engine corrosion such as disulphate. There is some that DOES NOT cause corrosion but actually REDUCE wear on engines. This is a good point that as a consumer, it is very difficult to wade through all this and it is best that you use a good oil and with analysis can determine how it is working for you. Also, welcome to the board. bob
Hi everyone, i've been lurking for a while, reading up on some of the topics covered here. Good stuff, and a lot more info than i've put thought into until now. Anyhow, on to my questions: 1. Engine Restore. I know this stuff is probably a gimmick, but i thought i read somewhere that it has moly in it. Moly = Good stuff, for the most part, right? 2. Valvoline/STP Oil treatment. This stuff is mostly the antiwear agents found in regular oils, isin't it? I've been running Valvoline Synpower 5W30 all year, and I decided to give Synpower oil treatment it a try last week. All i've noticed thus far (about 200 miles) is that my oil pressure went up about 7psi [freaknout] . I'm thinking that's not a good thing. I autocross and run the occasional lapping day in the summer, so the extra antiwear seemed like a good idea. Any thoughts?
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