New Farm Truck!


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Originally posted by PSU_Engineer: 429 4V??? Diesel? Nice truck by the way. My buddy has one with a dump on the back. (I'm guessing 10 yd, Air Brakes and the 429. She's a pooch but it does fine for local mulch delivery. Tony
Yeah, I only wish! You won't be too happy, but the 'ol thing's got a 370 in it (From the 385 engine family...370, 429, 460) backed up by a 5-spd. overdrive (making it useable out on the highway). After the installation of a flatbed, we'll use it primarily as a hauler and towing vehicle (horses, tractors, etc..). This truck (well, the engine) will definitely get the crap worked out of it with a lot of "foot to the floor" action on the big hills. Yeah, she'll be a pooch, but she should work absolutely fine given proper use and proper maintenance. Would be fun to drop in a 460 though! Or better yet, a B5.9!