New Engine OCI

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Mar 26, 2004
4.6L Ford v8, driven relatively hard(sees RPM's in the 4500range a couple times a week) I changed the oil + filter at 500mi with Mobil 1 5W-30 and a purolator filter. I was wondering when I should do the second oil change...I usually run the M1 at a 5,000mi OCI on my broken in engines. I now have 3,400 mi, so I was wondering if I should (1) hold off till 5,500 mi + do the oil+filter change or (2) change the filter now @ 3,500 and do the full change at 5,500mi or (3) do the oil+filter now at 3,500 and do a 5,000mi OCI thereafter
It is better to air on the side of caution! Even though you are probably fine I would change it now and bee done with the early OCI's!
I'm with JB on this. Change it now and you're good to go for 5,000 mile OCI's from now on. It usually seems to take a couple of oil changes to really get the manufacturing residue and early break in wear metals completely out. Whimsey
Here's the obsessive compulsive answer: Do your next couple of changes at the 3 to 3.5K interval to rid your engine of those nasty break in residues (if there really are any). Then at the nice even interval of 10,000 miles, start your 5,000 OCI strategy. The best of all answers. Maybe overkill, but who cares if we are happy???? And, we are only talking about a few more dollars to maintain a very expensive investment.
doitmself, Do not worry about overkill. I was always taught that their is only one form of dead but several forms of wounded! This is usualy my responce when someone brings up overkill!
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