New engine belts squealing?

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Jan 7, 2009
Rochester, MI, US, World
Both accessory belts on the Miata have been replaced within the past year. Recently when starting the car at night, the belt(s) squealed badly under full lock when turning out of a driveway. Then a couple of times this past week, the belt squealed during a cold start, the second time it did it even longer (about 30 seconds) until I raised the RPMs and pulled away. Do I have a bad idler pully that isn't spinning freely? Both belts are new and look great shrug And this has happened only during warm, dry weather, during "cold" starts. If i shut the car down and start it up again a few minutes later, no squeal.
These are manually adjusted belts and need readjustment after a time. Its normal that there is some initial stretching of belts. Automatic tensioners compensate for this with out a peep but the manually adjusted ones you have to do it. Let me know if you needs some pics of the adjusters.
Don't turn full lock. What you here there is the pressure relief valve. Adjust your belt for the other squealing.
Retighten the belts like Trav indicated. Plus, belts lose a bit of tension when the weather gets colder. I always have to retighten the power steering belt on my Corolla come winter time or else it squeals when I first start it in the morning and turn the wheel.
Maybe you have a pulley that is out of alignment. Try this: With the vehicle running... watch the pulleys as they spin to see if they are running straight (no wobble). Better yet you could take the belt off and grab each pulley by hand and try to wiggle it. If any feel may have found your problem.
I had the same problem with the Protege- used a set of Orielly store brand belts. They feel less like rubber and more like plastic, at least the back side. I will probably change to Gates before winter.
1. Check your belt deflection 2. Gates or Gatorback. Period. 3. Belt dressing helps, believe it or not. 4. If it is a V-Belt, try the equivalent belt for Industrial equipment. Those things are a bit more expensive, but better grip, and so much more resistant to stretching.
I own a 1999 Mazda protege 1.8 liter. I had to buy the OEM belt from the dealer to getit to stop squealing. Most aftermarket belts are made wrong for Mazda's serpinetine system on that era's engines.The belt needs to have the grooves in an "uncut" "fuzzy" condition so that it will wear in properly with pulleys installed on these engines. Most aftermarket belts I found them made with the grooves already in a "worn in" condition which will cause them to squeal no matter how tight they are installed. Even belt dressing won't help. Go get the OEM belt and tighten it properly and your squealing problem will be eliminated.
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1. Check your belt deflection 3. Belt dressing helps, believe it or not. much more resistant to stretching.
Never use belt dressing on a serpentine belt. They are a bandaid for squealing v-belts that should be replaced or adjusted.
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