New eco-friendly Toyota

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Oct 29, 2003
 - See how spacious the seating is! Great handling with dynamic steering. Cabriolet with 4X4 capability. 5 brake cow power powerplant. Instead of Brembo brakes, it is fully equipped with Bovine brakes. The leather looks good.
Originally posted by Pablo: That site jumps to some false conclusions. Chickens don't fert (much).
They didn't claim they did; see 2nd paragraph. They are attributing it to ruminants (cows etc) Quote The digestive process of ruminants is an important source of methane. The quantity of methane produced depends largely on the crude fibre percentage of the feed - the higher the crude fibre content, the higher the methane emission as a percentage of the gross energy intake. Methane emission levels from the digestive process in pigs and poultry are low.
[Off Topic!] I saw a documentary about Bin Laden where the reporter was driven around Afghanistan's mountains in a Toyota pickup. On the subject of how rough the terrain was, one of the AK-47 boys pointed to the pickup and said "Good truck for holy war."
true story. the state of california now requires dairies to register with the air quality board the same as any other industrial practice that creates air pollution. we also suffer from unhealthy high nitrate levels in our drinking water due to diary wastes leaching into the ground water.
All the cattle and sheep in Australia and New Zealand contribute to one-seventh or one-eighth of the world's greenhouse gases.
About the nitrate problem, they should collect all the waste into some fermentation tank to get all that methane out from your friendly neighborhood bugs (bacteria) and use it to power a generator to supply electricity to the whole farm. Excess gas can be stored in tanks. Whatever waste that is left behind from the fermentation can held up in some tanks exposed to sunlight to grow algae. The algae can then be harvested and dried then packaged into chicken/duck/turkey feed. The circle is now complete!
The false conclusions had nothing to do with chickens ferting. Those were just two separate statements by me. The false conclusions, with NO concrete evidence -these emissions are directly related to global warming? This is just one of many sites that parrot guesses/theories/casual relationships as "facts". And I frankly never knew poultry didn't gas (much) hence my amazement. AGAIN - don't get me WRONG. I am all for pollution solutions and waste energy reduction!
Not eco friendly. That's right. They've done nothing but cause problems since they got here. Who put these lifeforms here anyway? Wish they'd go back where they came from.
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