New Dodge Dakota oil choice

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Jun 6, 2003
Petersburg, West Virginia
Two weeks ago I purchased a 2004 dakota club cab 4X4 3.7 v-6 with a five speed manual. I needed the extra room my wife had twin boys that are now one week old. The dealership was very straight forward in saying I needed to stick to 3 month or 3000 miles oil changes. They even made notes of my driving habits to determine which oci to plug into the 7-70 mile warranty. Synthetic oil would be a waste in this situation so I went with pennzoil hile mileage 5w-30. I will start using it after I hit 1000 miles and dump the factory oil. They said the factory oil was mopar. Who makes mopar oil? Anyway I thought the high mileage formula was a good choice because of the heavier viscosity at 100 c 12 and the higher number on the shear rate and also the lower noak score. At 3000 mile intervals do you think this will keep the engine clean? I think so- but that is open for debate.
Chevron Supreme has been turning in really good number in the 10W30 weight. It is only $1.08 at Walmart and has a good additive package. If you pick up a gallon of Lube COntrol you can assure that the engine stays clean. You would end up ading 2 onces per quart of oil at each oil change along with the fresh oil. Do this ever oil change. Lube control is like something like $34 a gallon so it is rather affordable and a little bit goes a long way!
A 3,000 mile interval is no sweat for today's better API/SL dino oils. I would use the least expensive high quality 5w30 oil, which is probably Chevron Supreme or the very similar Havoline (make sure it says Chevron on the back label). I am using this in my wife's 2003 Cavalier and it does not use any oil in 3,000 miles. I would think that a more costly high mileage oil is simply money down the drain, use the savings for diapers! Congrats on the twins! [Cheers!]
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