New Citgo PCMO Synthetic

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Nov 25, 2003
The Tropics of Antartica
Well besides Q-State it appears Citgo has another entry into the over the counter synthetics .A look at the data sheet shows the 10/30 @ 10.5 cSt and a healthy 3.5 HTHS which makes me beleive the A1 rating of the 10/30 is a typo and in reality it might be a A3 motor oil given how it's worded separate from the 5/30 . Speculation aside from the 10/30 rating it does have a reasonably good HTHS along with a 485F flash point and the history of the Supergard oil and a usual 89 cents a quart sales price with a 50 cent rebate makes me want to see what kind of pricing Citgo will have on this oil . [ November 30, 2003, 07:35 AM: Message edited by: Motorbike ]
Looking at those specs has me confused. Their 5w30 has a thicker 10.7 viscosity (at 100c) but only a 3.2 HTHS, while the 10w30 is thinner at 10.4, but has a higher 3.5 HTHS. How can this be? I can't imagine the two viscosities being that radically different in terms of their construction. [I dont know]
Probably less polymers " VII's " to shear during the ASTM HT/HS test would be my guess looking at the difference between cold performance of the two oils .The 10/30 having the least amount .
The problem will be finding this oil - or any Citgo full synthetic - in the retail marketing channel. None of the distributors that I've called stock it either nor will they order it.
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