New Car Break-in Oil?

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Aug 16, 2003
Originally posted by mulepacker: I originally was going to do a 100-500-1000 oil change on the car,but after reading a few threads regarding MOLY in new car break-in oil, I'm confused!
Don't worry. Unless the Factory specifically stated to leave in the oil, then I'd have questions. Moly has a lower coefficient of friction, retards galling,seizure and metal to metal contact, and perhaps with tighter engines this is mor needed today. Possible to help with higher heat or whatever the engine is going through in break in, My concern was that it helps retard wear, and that's what you want IMO in a new engine, some control of wear to the point it is "BROKE-IN". During break-in, Moly helps the metal have a minimum of "chopping off" of any asperities. All metal is rough when looked up close under the microscope and moly will fill in these areas (see Bob's topics under Moly on the main board) and thus must provide initial lubrication where other oils must fail on new engines. This "EXTRA" lubrication protection IMO protect or mean the difference of lots of miles, maybe even a 100K or so because the first few hundred miles of the engine, all these Peaks and Valleys are being chopped up and that creates more metal which creates more wear, and so on. Moly bonds to almost anything under pressure, but likes to stick to Steel and I think some yellow metals better than say Aluminum, this would therefore reduce the amount of "Chopped" pieces of metal that happen when breaking in. My main concern is my Tacoma took forever to break-in and I didn't have any special Moly Additive that I know about in there... maybe I did and that's why it took for-ever to break -in.
Originally posted by mulepacker: What is Moly in new car break in oil? What does it do? How long should I leave the "break-in" oil in a new Toyota V-6? [Confused]
Some one else will probably answer better, but IMO I don't see how or why Moly would be used in any large doses in a new engine. Perhaps if it is used some small dose like 80-100ppm, but it will prolong the break-in IMO. As far as the factory fill? Well there can be debate upon debate. I would say unless it is a VW, and it's not, where they SAY to wait "X" # of miles, I'd change it as soon as possible. Maybe 100-500-1000 miles, then again about double or triple what you first did, then the third time about double that. IMO - After this then you can do whatever.
I originally was going to do a 100-500-1000 oil change on the car,but after reading a few threads regarding MOLY in new car break-in oil, I'm confused!
Moly (Molybdenumdisulfide) is an Extreme Pressure additive) It comes into play when pressures and heat is very high. This would occur in a bearing which looses its natural oil film. It is a last resort lubricant. I know Honda uses it in their break-in oil and others do as well. Vehicles can have their rings "seated" by the time you get them home. Some high performance vehicles come filled with Mobil 1 at the factory. And it is only recently that Mobil one has Moly in it. Its your vehicle-but honestly-except for Honda-I wouldn't be concerned about it. As I said-I put the old TriSynthetic in my Nissan at 30 miles and it has broken in perfectly. In prior years when very few oils had Moly and engines required longer to break in-many folks changed oil at 500 miles (no moly). For the most part these engines broke in just fine.
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